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Author Topic: Intro and questions RE Pickup types most suited to a clean warm sound.
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Post Intro and questions RE Pickup types most suited to a clean warm sound.
on: July 7, 2018, 03:45

That can be a tall order depending........

Hello everyone. I've joined the forum to ask for some advice on pickup choices.

I recently bought a Heritage Golden Eagle Custom. It is used and sounds pretty good to me. I've been playing three different Eastmans for the last ten years or so. Two have humbuckers and the 910 has a pickguard mounted floater w/ a 12 pole Kent Armstrong pickup.

The Eagle has a floater also, it's made by the folks at Heritage. It is pretty large and is mounted at the treble end of the neck.

I use a hybrid string set... 13 17 20 28 38 48. Guitar was Pleked by Wolfe Guitars in Florida [who sold me the guitar}

The bottom four strings and existing pickup work well together

The 13 and 17 are somewhat, noticeably louder than the other four. This is why I'm looking for help.

In addition to the level change the top two are brighter than the lower four.

I don't know if the existing floater can be removed easily, but I want to try a Seth Lover to see if it will tame the two brighter strings.

I'm not a guitar tech, and haven't paid a lot of attention to pickups over the years. The Seth Lover is mostly just a name to me. I know very little about it or it's maker.... Other than the general consensus that it is widely regarded as a warm pickup. Another one mentioned is a 59 Seymour Duncan.

At the advice of the repair guy in Santa Fe, I have repeatedly played across the strings un plugged with the meaty part of my thumb. The brightness and level difference are evident. This is not a large difference but it's enough to have me here typing away.

How much trouble would it be to remove the neck mounted floater and put the Seth Lover in it's place? There is a guitar repair guy in Santa Fe who I've dealt with over the years. At this point it doesn't seem to be a complicated task but I'm fairly in the dark about most of this kind of thing. I feel the repair guy could handle the job pretty well.

I'd like to warm up the sound of the 17 and 20 while keeping the over all clarity of the guitar sound.

How do you feel about my ideas on the swap and the merits of the two pickups for this application?

OH, almost forgot. The Seth Lover has a smaller output than the Seymour Duncan. It could possibly be mounted like the Seth Lover but there is a lot I still don't know. What else should I be thinking about?

Can anyone shed light on how much the S.L's reduced output may effect it's efficacy for this application.

Thank you for your help.


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