Allen Hinds – Monkeys & Slides

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Album duration: 51:38

File format: 320 kbps mp3

Number of tracks: 09

Price: $10.00

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In jazz rock land, he’s referred to by guitar enthusiasts as the “other” Allan, or in this case Allen Hinds—who has just released what some are calling his best album yet, Monkeys And Slides. Fans of the flashing guitar pyrotechnics of guitar legend Allan Holdsworth will enjoy this album as it taps right into a similar sonic vibe. With a cross section of dazzling fusion guitar instrumentals at his fingertips, Hinds breathes new life into his rising jazz-rock instrumental sound with the nine track Monkeys And Slides. Several of the same musicians who appeared on the 2009 of his Falling Up album appear on Allen’s 2011 album and, it’s nothing less than exciting to hear these guys operating on the same musical wavelength. For those jazz-rock fans not familiar with Allen Hinds, think of Pat Metheny at his most daring but even kicked up another notch. In the following interview on, Allen is promising to bring his music around America, a thought well worth seeing happen for fans who’ve followed his career this past decade.

Album Personnel

01: Pedro and Marta: bass- Jimmy Johnson drums-Reinhardt Melz pads-Jeff Babko keys- Dennis Hamm

02: Confianca: bass- Jimmy Johnson drums-Reinhardt Melz vocals-Rogerio Jardim

03: Monkeys And Slides: bass-JV Collier drums- Reinhardt Melz Pads- Dennis Hamm Vocals-Rogerio Jardim

04: Traces: bass-Jimmy Johnson drums-Reinhardt Melz

05: Oscar’s Swagger: bass-JV Collier drums-Reinhardt Melz

06: She Always Knew: Strings arranged by Jeff Babko

07: Rat Scat recorded live Jan 2011 bass-Jimmy Earl Keys-Jeff Babko drums-Dave Hooper

08: A Close Distance: string pads-Matt Rohdi

09: Toss It Back: bass-JV Collier keys-Jeff Babko drums-Dave Hooper