The Guitar Foundation Studies is an online six week course designed to develop comprehensive
knowledge of the fretboard. Each week, scale positions, arpeggio forms and harmonic material is presented for practice. T

Avi Bortnick’s Funk Rhythm Guitar Masterclass is an
insightful look into the stylistic approach of one of today’s
most respected and in-demand rhythm guitarists.

Rotem Sivan’s “Abstract Blues” gives jazz guitarists some real and easy to understand useable tools for
how to play more exotic and interesting solos.

All jazz guitar players need to learn to improvise over what’s known as the “Charlie Parker Blues”, a sophisticated modification of the basic 12 bar blues progression with a lot of twists and turns and many possible “substitutions” for these chords. In this masterclass of the same name, Ron Eschete

“Playing Over Static Vamps” teaches sideslipping
(inside/outside) and other techniques for adding musical
interest when playing over single chord vamps

In “Using Triad Systems in Improvisation” ,
internationally acclaimed guitarist Matteo Prefumo
unlocks some of the secrets that jazz greats like
Michael Brecker and Herbie Hancock draw on
to construct their solos.

In The Art of Self Accompaniment, Jonathan Orriols shows how to creatively do with one hand what keyboard players do with two: play harmonic embellishment to your single note solos.

Musician’s Institute master instructor Dave Hill illustrates his unique concepts for turning standard arpeggios into hip & impressive string skipping lines. These easy to understand & use techniques will expand any guitarists’ improvisational abilities with cool and modern sounds that can be used in any genre of music.

Popular ‘Musician’s Institute’ instructor Dave Hill shows you how to use “Guide Tones” to create melodic and harmonically expressive improvisations. Dave constructs numerous Guide Tone lines though two chord progressions and then demonstrates how he incorporates those lines in his solos.

Master jazz guitarist Ron Eschete teaches you the techniques
for alternative things to play over ii V I progressions
he’s developed through his decades of playing
with the likes of Diana Krall, Dizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson,
and Ray Brown .

Eschete takes this all important topic and shows you
fresh ways to generate new and exciting lines in his
“Expanding the ii – V – I Progression” masterclass,
with both individual examples and some fantastic
improvised choruses on the standard “I Hear A Rhapsody”.

The accompanying PDF includes both tablature
and standard notation, as well as expanded explanations
of the harmonic concepts Ron uses throughout.

In his second “Picking Demystified” master class,
Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan (Armov) goes deeper
into his amazing & relaxed picking technique.
He does this by showing you his solos on
“St. Thomas”, as well as a fast version of  
“What Is This Thing Called Love?”.  Addtionally,
Armen covers targeting and truncating techniques
on the Symmetric Diminished Scale,

Seven improvised choruses over F jazz blues
performed by blues master Allen Hinds have been fully
transcribed and presented in standard notation and TAB.

Assaf Kehati, in his third masterclass for JGS, illustrates his concepts for coming up with those cool dramatic wide leap licks into your soloing. His systematic way of looking at the subject will help you to generate your own lines, and his written musical examples

In “Picking Demystified”, guitar wunderkind Armen-Gurgen Movsesyan (Armov) shows you how to use the most ergonomically appropriate picking type for any musical playing situation, using a series of very cool single note and chordal solos.

18 of the coolest jazz and blues flavored licks from Drew Zingg.

Jazz Solo Guitar

Ron Eschete is one of the best in the world on the subject of solo guitar playing, whether it’s re-harmonizing original chord changes, creating inner voice motion under a melody, or walking bass lines underneath the whole thing.

Allen Hinds Slide Guitar

Growing up in Alabama, Allen Hinds’ exposure to the blues and slide playing started at an early age.
He learned by emulating the great players and cites Duane Allman as a major influence.
In this masterclass Hinds discusses and demonstrates his technique of playing slide in standard tuning.

Assaf Kehati’s “Chromaticism” is a master class designed to show his personal methodology he developed to create jazz lines using chromatic notes. Kehati knew from early on in his development that he needed…

Uber-guitarist Allen Hinds, whose own influences range from Duane Allman to Allan Holdsworth, draws from his Alabama roots to bring you “Bounty Of the Blues, Vol. 1”, a blues (with jazz as well) guitar smorgasbord of rhythm guitar concepts, bending techniques, soloing anda lot of just plain killer licks

MI staff instructor Dave Hill ‘s latest offering at JGS is “Dominating The Diminished Scale”, a really informative and useful guide to getting great single note and chordal licks on dominant chords from this very hip scale. Dave shows you the logic and the fingerings that can make this easy to use with lots of great licks and ideas on how to create your own.

NYC jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati shows you the thought systems he developed and uses to give himself limitless ideas for improvising over any kind of chord. While it’s common to solo using a chords’ related dominant 7th chord, Kehati shows you his own unique new generation approach that you can use to generate very modern and unique dominant chord lines over any tune. He shows his own method of intervallic playing, and also a concept he calls “tri-tonics”, that can also be applied to chordal playing, which he illustrates as well.

Camilo Velandia

Columbian born Camilo Verlandia has at a very young age already toured the world with Latin mega-stars Jon Secada and Julio Inglesias performing for audiences of over 250,000, and he’s also played with jazz artists like Al Jarreau and The Rippingtons. Besides being an A list session guitarist in the Miami Latin scene, Verlandia is also a world class modern fusion player with blazing chops, and is on staff at the University of Miami’s “Young Musician’s Camp”.

Sheryl Bailey is one of the best of the best of the new crop of NYC jazz guitarists and besides an extensive worldwide touring schedule, teaches at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her “Benson-like” chops are legendary and she’s a great teacher as well, as you will find out in her first Masterclass for JGS. Sheryl helps you tackle the John Coltrane tour-de-force “Giant Steps” in “From Small To Giant Steps”

Ron Eschete is a true icon of jazz guitar – besides being one of the three founding instructors at G.I.T. (now Musicians Institute), he’s played with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown and more. While at GIT/MI, he was known to everyone as the ultimate authority on chord melody and solo jazz guitar in general.

Tim Lerch

“Tim Lerch takes you through the inner workings of “Lover Man” in this great masterclass that breaks down this great bluesy old standard known for it’s unusual harmonic and melodic twists and turns. More than just showing you how..

Drew Zingg demonstrates the concepts he uses to come up with the “jazz with blues” tinged killer solos he’s played on tour and record with Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, New York Rock & Soul Revue and many others…

“JGS is very proud to offer the second masterclass from jazz master Sid Jacobs on advanced concepts in solo jazz guitar arranging. Besides some in-depth insights into using counterpoint, voice leading and…

Sid Jacobs delves into the widely not understood concepts of using fourths in your improvising, and takes you through some practical exercises to unlock how to use them through both the major and melodic minor scale. Jacobs illustrates..

Musicians Institute staffer Dave Hill shows you “The Minor 3rd Trick”, a concept used by everyone from Wes Montgomery to George Benson to…well, Dave Hill, that will give you a great way to add some new life into your II-7 / V7 soloing – its both easy and sophisticated, and there’s lots of great written examples you can use on the gig this week!

Bruce Eisenbeil’s credits range from the free jazz of Cecil Taylor and Andrew Cyrille all the way to rockers like Paul Gilbert and the legendary late Jeff Buckley. Along the way he found the time to study and develop a passion for Brazilian music and gives you
this lesson on his chord melody arrangement of the Jobim classic “Desafinado”.

Legato technique specialist Allen Hinds gives an incredible insight into this way of playing in the 14 pages of exercises and licks that come with this “A Lesson In Legato”, his first for JGS. Besides touring with his own band, he’s worked with Gino Vannelli, The Crusaders, Boney James etc., and is an in demand…

Jamie Glaser is the son of a famous lyricist whose songs were recorded by the likes of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. After studying guitar with Ed Sullivan’s guitarist he went on to graduate Berklee and play with the jazz & fusion elite like Jean-Luc Ponty, Lenny White, Marcus Miller and Chick Corea.

The Tim Lerch Masterclass ‘The Art of Harmonics’, breaks down what it takes to get those gorgeous shimmering harmonic arpeggios into your playing made famous by the late great Lenny Breau. Tim had the good fortune to study with Lenny in LA and with this masterclass he passes on what he learned directly from the master of harmonics to you. Masterclass duration 32minutes, PDF included.

“Mike Miller is one of the most fluid and inventive guitarists in the world in the area of playing in odd meter time signatures, but most guitarists rarely have to play in odd meter. In these unique and groundbreaking lesson, Mike shows you how to superimpose odd meter feels over the 4/4 grooves you deal with on a daily basis….

Hristo Vitchev demonstrates how to expand your chordal vocabulary. Breaking away from the traditional drop 2 and drop 2 & 4 voicings this masterclass will bring a fresh and modern sound to your chordal playing, accompaniment and harmonic improvisations.

Learn how to expand your use of arpeggios with one of MI’s beloved teachers Daniel Gilbert. Dan shows you how to apply things you may already know in new and interesting ways. With a comprehensive pdf and numerous playing demonstrations, Dan shows you how to bring it all together in usable related patterns on the guitar.

Mike Miller shows how he applies his intervallic concepts to 5th intervals, taking you through numerous permutation possibilities and shows you how to put them on the guitar. This video features great live solo performances, including an improvised solo piece based entirely on 5th interval. PDF included.

The Art of two Note Accompaniment by Tim Lerch is a masterclass for those wanting to really get deeper
into playing unaccompanied solo guitar ala legends like Ted Greene & Lenny Breau. Tim shows you the concepts
and techniques that makes this difficult to teach subject easy to understand and to start using right away.

Mike Higgins, one of the most sought after players in Los Angeles, takes you step by step through a blistering chorus of Rhythm Changes.

L.A. session ace and USC jazz guitar professor Pat Kelley (George Benson, Hubert Laws, Chick Corea etc.) breaks down the most common and necessary territory for the jazz guitarist, the minor V to I progression.

David Becker and Doug Perkins insightful into playing as a guitar duo in available for purchase now

Musicians Institute and Los Angeles Music Academy master teacher Dave Hill (Gregg Karukas, Dave Hill Group, Phil Maturano), illustrates how to take simple small musical ideas and develop them in your soloing.

David Becker’s masterclass walks you through his systems for coming up with ways to generate both chordal and single note soloing ideas applied to the popular jazz standard “All the things you are”. Now available for sale now!!

Mike Miller shows you some creative ways of using a looping pedal to enhance performance and to use as a sketchpad for ideas. Available for sale now.

Doug Perkins’ ‘”Mr PC” in 4th chords’ tutorial now available for purchase.

Mike Miller – Intervallic Chords Masterclass – NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!!

A different way to play a chord melody on “All The Things You Are” using 4th’s harmony

Doug Perkins shows you the scale that Robben Ford and Larry Carlton have used for years to get that cool jazz-blues feel into your soloing. Besides theoretical application, numerous licks are presented to show you some inventive ways to put it all together on the guitar for you.