Assaf Kehati

ASSAF KEHATI: Jazz guitarist and composer Assaf Kehati arrived to the USA in 2007 and after a short time he has made waves in the jazz scene by working with such names as George Garzone, Eli Degibri, Anat Cohen, Ferenc Nemeth, Donny McCaslin, Seamus Blake and legendary drummers Victor Lewis (Woody Shaw, Stan Getz) and Billy Hart (Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery). Mr. Kehati has performed at some of the world’s leading venues as Blue Note, NYC; Washington D.C. Jazz Festival; MuzEnergo Jazz Festival, Russia; New England Cable News, Tel Aviv Museum, Barranquilla Jazz Festival, Colombia; Bansko Jazz Festival; Bulgaria, Nisville Jazz Festival; Serbia, and Toronto Jazz Festival. THE MUSIC: As a leader, Mr. Kehati has recorded three CDs that have received numerous rave reviews – A View From My Window (2010) and Flowers and Other Stories (2011) and his latest album, Naked (2014). His compositions are inspired by the daily and trivial, yet wonderful and significant experiences of life: from a winter, snow-laden view of Fenway Park from his apartment porch (A View From My Window), to the mundane but satisfying life of a snail (Sunshine Berale), to a girl seeking love in a land beyond the oceans (The Snow and the Sun), and to a story about the universal character, Mr. Mario that travels the world like a gypsy to places like Africa, the Middle East and the Pyramids in Egypt (Mr.Mario). The third album by Mr. Kehati, “NAKED”, was released in September 2014. Critics say about Assaf's third album: "Easily one of the best for 2014". Brent Black | Bop-N-Jazz "Extraordinary". John Watson | Jazz Camera UK "New form of jazz". Doug Perkins | Jazz Guitar Society "New level of musical directness and comprehensibility". Dan Bilawsky | All About Jazz "Exceedingly captivating". Mark S. Tucker | FAME For more information please visit Assaf’s website:

Assaf Kehati – Intuitive Intervallics
Assaf Kehati - Intuitive Intervallics
Assaf Kehati - Intuitive Intervallics
NYC jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati shows you the thought systems he developed and uses to give himself limitless ideas for improvising over any kind of chord. While it’s common to solo using a chords' related dominant 7th chord, Kehati shows you his own unique new generation approach that you can use to generate very modern and unique dominant chord lines over any tune. He shows his own method of intervallic playing, and also a concept he calls “tri-tonics”, that can also be applied to chordal playing, which he illustrates as well. This is a fantastic masterclass for anyone who wants to explore new sounds as well as for anyone who feels like they are “stuck in a rut” in their soloing playing the “same old stuff” by giving you a different way of looking at scales and soloing in general. Assaf shows you why he is one of best of the new breed of New York jazz guitarists, and how you can get there as well in this very “meaty" masterclass.
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