Camilo Velandia

Born in Bogota, Colombia to a family of musicians, Camilo Velandia grew up with so much music inside that it inevitably had to pour out. With a natural musical talent, Camilo studied piano, violin, and guitar from the age of four. Upon graduating from high school and studying with some of the nation's most known players like Jonathan Kreisberg, Mitch Farber, and others, it wasn't very long until Camilo was playing music professionally four to five nights a week and recording sessions for the top artists in South Florida along the side of many grammy winning producers and artists. Soon after, Camilo got offered the opportunity to work with Three-time Grammy Winner and internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Jon Secada. Camilo visited several countries with Jon and got to play for large audiences in the United States and South America. Despite his young age, he was respected by his peers as a highly demanded professional guitarist and soon after, he was offered the opportunity to join the top selling latin artist in history, Julio Inglesias in his 40th anniversary world tour. With Julio, Camilo visited countries virtually in every corner of the world including Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Argentina, and many more. He performed in stadiums for audiences of up to 250,000 people. During his tour with Julio, Camilo had the pleasure of sharing the stage with international artists such as Liel Kolet from Israel, American violinist Caroline Campbell, and Georgian singer, actress, and songwriter Sofia Nizharadze. In addition, Camilo has also shared the stage with John Legend, T-Pain, Lauryn Hill, Fanny Lu, Elvis Crespo, Al Jarreau, the Rippingtons, and many more. Today, at the age of 25, Camilo is now the guitar player for the latin TV Show CHARYTIN Y FELIPE SHOW which airs on weekdays on Mega TV, and he also continues to work with Julio Iglesias and Jon Secada and has many projects with other major artists in the works. In addition, Camilo is also part of the staff at the prestigious University of Miami for the Young Musicians Camp. Despite his big accomplishments in a very short career, Camilo remains passionate and breathes music every day.

Camilo Velandia – Superimposing Harmony In Solos
Camilo Velandia - Superimposing Harmony In Solos
Camilo Velandia - Superimposing Harmony In Solos
Camilo Velandia gives a great explanation of how he uses valuable harmonic, triadic and intervallic tools to play through jazz, fusion, funk and pop styles. Camilo’s “Super Imposing Hamony on Solos” will take you through a variety of licks, exercises, and advanced soloing ideas including legato, speed picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, and more; all while focusing on the chord progressions of three jazz standards; Miles Davis’ Modal standard, “So What”, Charlie Parker’s bebop tune “Donna Lee” and Joe Henderson’s post bop standard “Inner Urge”. Download includes the Camilo Velandia masterclass video “Superimposing Harmony in Solos” (dur. 116 mins), PDF and nine MP3 backing tracks to practice the examples to. Be aware that the Download Zip file is 1.1 Gigabytes in size, so allow time and space for that.
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