John Pin

John Pin is a Western Australian Perth musician/guitarist who crosses musical genres. Often described as eclectic, Pin's melodic and expressive playing and writing style draws from his deep roots in blues, rock and jazz. A seasoned performer, session musician and educator, John has produced music for Film and Television, PC Games Soundtracks and Production Music Libraries. His works have been published by many leading publishing houses including Zomba Music Publishing and Universal Music.   In 1985 John graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) with outstanding achievement. Returning to Perth, John completed his Bachelor of Music Degree majoring in Jazz Performance at the Perth Conservatorium of Music. Upon graduating, John accepted a position as Guitar Instructor within the Jazz department.   Using his diverse skill set, in 1999 John began work as a music producer for Zomba Music Publishing and Massive Records, Sydney. From 2001 to 2009 John was in-demand as a multi-media producer for major film companies including Columbia Films, Hopscotch Films, Sony Home Entertainment, Time Life, ABC and 21st Century Pictures.   Upon his relocating back to Perth in 2013, John works as an adjunct lecturer at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts/Edith Cowan University (W.A.A.P.A.) His work includes developing curriculum and lecturing within both Contemporary and Jazz Music departments.   In recent years, John has returned his focus to doing what he loves most - writing and performing.   Links can be found here to streaming platforms.    

John Pin – The Funk You See [breakdown]

John Pin - The Funk You See [Breakdown]
John Pin - The Funk You See [Breakdown]
John breaks down the head and solo of this jazz/funk guitar track. He demonstrates and discusses each phrase of both the head and solo in detail. He talks about the construction of each line, the improvisation techniques used as well as any points of interest to help you gain a full understanding of what's been played. This masterclass not only teaches you a challenging funky head to play, it is also an excellent study of how to construct dominant 7th lines that fuse jazz, blues and funk genres. The video is over 30 minutes duration and includes a PDF in standard notation and TAB.
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