Avi Bortnick

Avi Bortnick is an American jazz guitarist who became more widely known after his association with guitarist John Scofield. Bortnick joined Scofield's jam-oriented band in 2000 and played rhythm guitar and samples on three albums: Uberjam, Up All Night, and Uberjam Deux.

Born i Israel, Bortnick was raised in St. Louis. Missouri, where he was immersed in the sounds of funk, rock, and soul. After moving to California, he began to play with African and Caribbean bands. As a graduate student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, he started the band What It Is, which became popular in the southeast touring circuit.

Bortnick became known as a strong rhythm guitar player and came to John Scofield's attention when assembling a band for his album Bump. A five-month tour extended to found and half years. In 2003, Bortnick released his first solo album, Clean Slate.

Bortnick has played with the Avi B Three, Shitty Shitty Jam Band (with members of The Brazilian Girls), Rene Lopez, Jihae, Erik Deutsch, and Betty Black and the Ghost Train Orchestra.

Avi Bortnick – Funk Rhythm Guitar

Avi Bortnick - Funk Rhythm Guitar
Avi Bortnick - Funk Rhythm Guitar
Avi Bortnick’s Funk Rhythm Guitar Masterclass is an insightful look into the stylistic approach of one of today’s most respected and in-demand rhythm guitarists. Avi Bortnick, with his trance-like ‘in the pocket’ grooves, their roots deeply embedded in the music of the 70’s Funk and Soul era, is most known for his association with John Scofield's jam-oriented band. Avi played rhythm guitar on the three John Scofield albums ‘Uberjam', 'Up All Night' and 'Uberjam Deux'. In Avi Bortnick’s Funk Rhythm Guitarist Masterclass, Avi talks about his considerations when developing a guitar groove. The masterclass begins with warm up exercises before the main body of the class in which he demonstrates and discusses a variety of rhythm guitar grooves that he plays over drum and bass backing. Avi Bortnick’s Funk Rhythm Guitar Masterclass is a rare look into the art of laying down great guitar grooves by one of the best in the business. A thirty minute masterclass with PDF containing all examples in standard notation and TAB. Also included in the download are the 12 backing tracks (mp3) of the drum and bass grooves used in the masterclass.
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