COURSE: Guitar Foundation Studies

Guitar Foundation Studies
Guitar Foundation Studies
The Guitar Foundation Studies is an online five week course designed to develop comprehensive knowledge of the fretboard.  Each week, scale positions, arpeggio forms and harmonic material is presented for practice. This material is intended to form a daily one-hour practice regime that builds technique and theoretical understanding. A structured method that builds fundamental knowledge that will benefit guitarists regardless of style. The course is divided into 3 components; 1) Theory:  With no prior theoretical knowledge assumed, the theory component offers short video modules that take you from the very beginning of theory through topics such as note recognition, intervals, scale construction, keys, diatonic harmony and much more.   2) Guitar Class:  This class is divided into 3 sections. Firstly, Scales Study: Major, pentatonic, blues, diminished and whole-tone scales.  Each scale is covered over the entire fingerboard.   Secondly, Arpeggios Study: The study of the 4 chord types.  Major 7th, mi7th, Dom7th and mi7b5 chord types are systematically presented in all positions as well as Diminished 7th chords and the augmented triad. Finally, Harmonic Study is the application of the chords and intervals as studied in the theory class - applying the theoretical information to the guitar neck. 3) The Practice Room: Presents more daily tips on what to do with the week’s material to get the most out your studies.   You will find numerous short video modules where Pin will invite you to play along with him to test your understanding of the material.  It will indicate to the student how well the material has been learnt as well as provide insights as to how to practice. The Practice Room attempts to replicate the ‘one on one’ or ‘guitar group’ class experience. The Practice Room is a valuable part of Guitar Foundation Studies. Each of the weekly classes that comprise the sections above are delivered in numerous video modules. Standard notation and TAB is presented on screen as well as available as a PDF download, ready to print and put on your music stand for your practice sessions. Guitar Foundation Studies is an online 5 weeks course.   Every Monday for 5 weeks material will reveal itself for study. The new modules will build on previous weeks. There is enough study material contained in guitar Foundation Studies to give direction to your technical practice for months. Guitar Foundation Studies contains over 150 video clips combing to over 5 hours of video.  Everyone who enrolls in to Guitar Foundation Studies will have access to the course material for 6 months. You will be able to log in and revisit any content as well as any content additions in that time. -------- USE THIS COUPON FOR 25% DISCOUNT - - - - Valid till JUNE 30th 2020 - 'GFS_INTRO_SALE'
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Foundation Guitar Studies is a 5 week online course. Once you pay, within 24 hours you will be notified via email of your enrolment into the course as well as be provided with a password to enable entry to the JGS courses website. Use coupon code 'GFS_INTRO_SALE' to get 25% off the purchase price until the end of June 2020

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