Dave Hill – New World

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Album duration: 64:04

File format: 192 kbps mp3

Number of tracks: 10

Price: $10.00

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Dave Hill’s “NEW WORLD” is an ambitious follow up to has last CD, “Two Seasons”. It is also a symbolic release as the title and mood signifies an important milestone in his life: The birth of his first child. And although this may seem an ordinary thing for most people, not thinking he was ever going to be a parent at this stage of life, it was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion. That blessed event created the inspiration for the title track and the mood was set from there. Dave took a step forward in this release and made a commitment to putting his guitar in the forefront by aligning himself with formidable company to do it. Enlisting some of the most prolific and distinctive musicians from the last 25 years; “The Yellowjackets” Russell Ferrante Jimmy Haslip and Will Kennedy (alumni) join Dave to create the perfect complement to his melodic and soulful blend of Contemporary Jazz. Jimmy Haslip, highly regarded as producer in his own right, takes the reins on 5 tunes and Dave produces 5 by himself. The end result is a very satisfying, cohesive work that blends his skillful guitar work with the distinctive and undeniable sound of the Yellowjackets. The magic extends throughout the CD with Dave’s solid band digging in on the remaining 5 tracks and the 10th track closes the CD with a touching solo guitar ballad.