Origins of JGS – A recording of a lesson with Doug Perkins at MI from the 1980s
June 6, 2023

Written by Doug Perkins

The Origins of the Jazz Guitar Society site:

I happened to run across these two MP3s from when my partner John Pin was one of my (Doug Perkins) private students when I taught at Musicianโ€™s Institute in Hollywood in the mid 1980s where I am illustrating some ways to go outside in a blues.

If I remember right, I was playing a custom built for me Strat into whatever terrible amps that they used to put into the teaching rooms back then, which was just a few years into the schools long history. John did some internet searches for me in the early 2000s and we emailed and talked on the phone and even met once when he visited LA again, and since he already had the URL for JGS we decided to start it as a way to provide a boutique music school education for guitarists all over the world from their computer desktops. So if that intrigues you, click here – I need to go back and re-learn some of my old licks ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. JP says:

    Love this!

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