Learn the concepts behind using 4ths chords to help modernize your playing

An introduction to the Whole Tone Scale. Includes the theory & exercises to get you up to speed.

An attempt to gain some insight into this great players style.

Great lick in the style of Robben Ford from Mr D. Try and get this into Besame Mucho!

A lick that shows some ways to move in and out of the key center that can be used both over a static chords of a i/V/I progression.

Here’s an exercise based on the 4 major triads as
found in the Dominant Eight Note.

Lick from Doug. Based on chord tones of the C7#9 chord and incorporating a chromaticism.

An A7b9 line ala Scofield / Brecker incorporating triadic ideas , diminished scales, and chromaticism.

A cool lick from Doug.